06 Dodge Charger Headlight Replacement

Photo found on Google

This will cover how to remove and replace the headlight assembly on an 06 Dodge Charger or equivalent. (several years will be the same procedures). Headlights will get damaged due to road debris, sun, cracking or scratching the outer lens. Causing them to be very dim during nighttime driving, and look bad during the day. Repairs can be made to clean them up, but most the products sold over the counter today are only a band-and for this problem, and will need to be done every so many months to keep them from fogging back up. And the professional ways can be very labor intensive and cost just about the same as replacement.

In this particular case, the lenses were not only scratched and discolored from the outside, but they were starting to crack and moisture had gotten into the headlight assembly, causing the inside to be just as bad. Being a sealed unit it is always best to replace when cracking is found.


  • 1. Remove all the retaining clips along the top or the bumper assembly. ( You will see them near the hood latch running along the front of the vehicle)
  • 2. Remove the four 10mm nuts and screws holding the top corner bumper on.
Looking down into front fender from up top.

(The picture to the left shows the two 10mm nuts holding the bumper to the fender. You can see the the one that is far down inside the fender. I could barley see it. And am very happy I had this bent wrench to help me. You can either buy one of these or bend a normal 10mm to be able to gain access to this bolt.)

  • 3. Locate and Remove the inner wheel well body clips in front of the front wheels, going down the bumper. Each side should have a total of three clips.
Front bumper from inside wheel well
  • 4. Once you removed the wheel well to bumper clips, you should be able to carefully pry the wheel well plastic away from the bumper enough to see two more 10mm bolts holding the bumper to the lower corner of the fender.
  • 5. Remove the two 10mm bolts holding the bumper to the lower front of the fender assembly.
Taken upwards towards front bottom of fender.
  • 6. Disconnect fog lights. Reach under front bumper and disconnect the two fog light assemblies. The connection will be directly behind the Fog light assembly.
  • 7. Un-clip and slide the front corner blinkers out forward, then disconnect electrical connection at the back of the corner light. (Only necessary if it is a two piece assembly) .* It will help to look at the replacement headlight assembly to see what the clip looks like. It will be directly in middle of the corner light and headlight.
  • 8.Remove the front bumper assembly. It will need to be pulled straight forward and out. Make sure to ease both sides off at the same time to avoid damaging the assembly.(two people at either side will be the easiest and least chance to scratch anything.)
  • 9. Remove the headlights. You will now have full access to the mounting bolts of the headlight assemblies. Each side will have three 10mm bolts holding the headlight assembly in place. Once removed slide the headlight forward and carefully disconnect the light bulbs from the headlight assembly. * There should be four lights total, and most new replacements will not include the light bulbs so they will need to be transferred to the new assembly before installation. Make sure they all go back to the corresponding locations, you will have your blinker, high, and low lights in the headlight assembly. And the corner light assembly will also house a smaller running light.
  • 10. Install new headlights, and test before reassembly. Reassembly is the removal steps backwards

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and this information helped!

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