Get This! Save Time!

Photo found on Homedepot

Flexible Driver

The flexible 1/4 inch driver, and or bit driver pay for themselves after the first job. I always know where this tool is located in my shop. And frequently use this tool most for removing those deep hard to get bolts and screws in the engine. I Grab this tool for removing all of my coil and injector hold down bolts, Stress-less and saves time!

Photo found on Amazon

They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. And some are even built to be used with electric drills. I have personally owned a couple different types, and I have found them all to have there own place. But I use the handled ones more then any, and would choose them over any other style they sell. And when it comes to the quality, price will have a huge impact. Cheaper ones tend to get twisted when cranked on hard.

Hands down this tool is a must for any professional mechanic or shop owner. It will take care of those hard to reach bolts, and help you get your repair done that much quicker!

Hope you found this information useful! 🙂

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