You can prevent this!

Wheel bearing failure

Having a wheel bearing come apart on you is very serious and dangerous. It is the main component that is holding your wheel to your vehicle. These can be checked at your local mechanic shop, and should be every oil change! Preventative maintenance is key to not having them come apart and send your vehicle out of control.

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Recently I have had a 2015 Chevy silver ado come to me with the wheel bearing that had completely failed.They are very lucky to be alive due to the fact it happened at highway speeds.

As you can see in this vehicle the wheel bearing had actually exploded. Causing the weight of the vehicle to ride on the CV Axle wearing into the steering components. All of this could have been avoided with the proper inspections and preventive maintenance when it is suggested.Although the wheel bearing in most cases will start making noise long before it gets to a catastrophic failure like in this situation.

In this particular vehicle the bearing is in a complete hub assembly. Which a lot of vehicles are equipped with now days and make the labor a lot easier. Traditional wheel bearing will need to be pressed in and out and pre-packed with grease.

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As you can see the new assembly will come ready to bolt in ready to go. They are expensive, but if you can catch them ahead of time you will save money by shopping online!

Good luck! And stay safe out there!

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