Clamp in a tight spot? This tool will help!

The Flexible Long Reach Hose Clamp Remover

These cars now days are getting more and more compact. New creature comforts, emissions, and over engineering has made for some extremely tight spots on the vehicle while trying to service certain items. Including hoses that you can barley see with your eye let alone get some pliers in there to remove there clamps.

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This tool was designed specially for those hard to reach clamps! It is a tool that you must invest in if you call yourself a mechanic! It will save you time and money. This tool comes in various sizes for all types of jobs. They lock into place as you squeeze, allowing you to hold the clamp open and still have both hands if you need them. This tool is one that you do not want to go to cheap on, you will get many more uses out of a nicely built one. I make sure to purchase all my tools like this with a warranty. This tool can be found at most part suppliers. In most cases the cheaper ones you can find online will fray the wire and break. Make sure to use the proper size tool for the size of the clamp to avoid stressing the tool.

Now you know this tool is out there, so next time you find yourself battling a hard to reach clamp on your next repair. Hopefully you will remember this!

Thanks for reading, hope this information has helped.

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