Electrical Problem Solver!

Power Probe 4

The power probe is one of those tools that should be sold at every tool and part store out there, Perfect for any electrical diagnosis big or small. I personally invested in this tool after having many trailer light repairs come to my shop. It helped me diagnose the issue in half the time and effort!

This review will cover the power probe 4 master kit. They do sell just the probe alone if that is all you need, as well as older model without as many functions or connections. Depending on what you will be using the product for you can choose accordingly and save some money. There are other companies that offer similar products, but power probe has been the best I have used.

Power probe 4 will come in various color options.Most common being the Red. The master kit should include:

  1. 23′ Cable, with connection. To allow you to reach anywhere on the vehicle with ease.
  2. PPECT3000 short and open finder. Allowing you to trace down shorts or open in circuits without having to remove panels, carpets or wires!
  3. Pin connectors and Wire taps allowing you to tap into wire with a needle and precision. With various other useful wiring attachments. Including light plug in adapters.

If you plan to test any sort of computer and or 5 volt systems. Which are found in all newer vehicles. It is important to buy the 5 volt adapter. It will limit the current output and tip voltage to 5 volts allowing for you to safely test computers without worrying about damaging them.

Power Probe will allow you to supply Power or Ground to any circuit or component. Testing resistance, and voltage drop as well!

Power Probe 4 allows for you to test for the ECT signal put out by the PPECT3000, as well as Injector pulse! And much more!


  • It has a built in circuit breaker the will auto reset if you send power to ground.
  • Audible noises when circuit is grounded or powered.
  • LED lights Red or Green when Power or ground is supplied.
  • Durable and lightweight, easy to maneuver into tight places.


  • The cord needs another break closer to tool. You do not need 23′ of cord on every job! It is a pain to manage sometimes.
  • The case is way to small. After you remove it the first time it is almost impossible to fit it back in. Mostly due to the long cords.

All and all a great product to have, and it will aid in all your electrical projects. Invest in a Power Probe, the best weapon against electrical issues!

Thanks for reading.

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